Give Your Followers What They Need. Just Not All At Once.

I often receive terrific newsletters from wellness professionals that are so chock full of information that it is almost too overwhelming.  There is usually 500-600 words on a specific wellness tip(s), maybe an event description and announcement, a recipe and perhaps an amusing anecdote.

All of this wellness information is great and really useful, but the wellness pros tend to be giving away too much at once.  Look, you are busy and you are trying to make meaningful connections with clients and potential clients through these communications, which all makes sense.  But, go give yourself a little bit of help by spreading out the information.

Making the Most Out of What You Have

For example, instead of sending out 1 monthly newsletter with all of the info listed above, maybe turn that into multiple communications.  Here’s a possible scenario:

  1. Blog post: Make a blog post(300-400 words) once a week or once every other week and then send that post out on Facebook, Twitter and as an email newsletter update
  2. Post a recipe: Post a recipe on your blog on the same day each week or every other week and brand it as it’s own product.  For example, maybe you call it the “Midweek Munchie” and post it out every Wednesday.  You can also send this via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Event info: This can also be a separate communication and/or a blog post.  Add it to the event section of your Facebook page as well.

So you can see how spreading out the same wellness information that is in a newsletter across multiple communication methods can help enrich your relationships with you clients and potential clients.

You’re THE Wellness Expert

Instead of getting 1 email from you a month, you are now interacting with them at least 4-5 times a month through email and then they also see you on Facebook and Twitter and can see updates on your blog.  This type of presence gives the perception that you are everywhere. The more often people hear your name and see your wellness information, the more they trust that you are an expert and leader in the wellness field.

Not to mention, this strategy will help your sanity as you try to come up with ways to stay in touch with your fans!

What efforts are you making?  Are you maximizing those efforts?


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