A Holistic Way To Stretch Your Guest Interviews

While working with one of our clients, Hannah Marcotti, was able to secure a high profile interview with Andrea Beaman, a well-known leader/celebrity in the holistic health industry, for her {Living It} Interview series.    Of course Hannah was thrilled by this opportunity to gain knowledge for herself and provide some awesome content for her readers.  The chance to record a talk by someone of this caliber in the health and wellness industry can be quite rare, so to make the most of this interview Hannah knew that she needed to come up with a strategy.

Since Hannah’s readers are primarily mom’s with very little time, we assumed that they wouldn’t necessarily have 45 minutes to sit down and listen to an interview.  This became the basis on which we developed a roll-out plan that would satisfy viewers needs, marketing needs and remained in line with Hannah’s vision.

Below is a quick outline of the steps that Hannah took in this process:

  • First, Hannah edited the interview into 4 parts using Audacity, which is a free audio editing tool.  She then uploaded the individual segments to her media library – just as you would do with photos.  She then took the whole interview and put it in her GoDaddy “Online Folder”, which is a storage area that can be accessed by the public where they can download large files.
  • Next Hannah sent a “teaser” email and made Facebook and Twitter updates  a couple of days before interview was to be released. We did this for 2 reasons: 1 to “tease” the interview and just tell people that it was coming and the second reason was to let them know they would be getting an email every day for 4 days from Hannah.  This was important because we didn’t want to overwhelm the reader or think they were being bombarded by emails.
    • This “teaser” included a bio of Andrea along with detail of how the interview would be rolled out
  • Hannah created a dedicated page for just this interview, so that when she sends the link to Andrea – whose site has much more traffic – that link address won’t change in the future and her viewers can directly access the interview without having to search around for it.
  • Parts 1-4 will be sent Mon-Thu(1 part each day) this week in an email (also notifications on Twitter and Facebook) with a short description of what is talked about in that days segment driving viewers back to her main site to listen
    • Each part will be posted on the dedicated page as it is sent out
  • On the last day all 4 parts, as well as the interview in its entirety, will be available on the same page on her site.  In addition, the whole interview will be available for download so that people can list on their iPods at their leisure.

So you can see with this roll-out strategy, while including a number of steps, this outstanding content is really maximized to get the most visits really maximizes the use of this outstanding content without compromising Hannah’s vision for her site and her readers.

How are you giving your followers what they need, but not all at once?


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