I really, really want a Facebook Fan Page

OK, but first answer 2 questions:

  1. Does your website have all the elements in place to inform visitors about your product or service?
  2. Do you have a social media strategy?

If you answered “no” or “sort of” or “kinda” to either of those questions, then you need to take a step back before you dive into Facebook.  I know that everyone and their mom (literally) is on Facebook and all your friends are telling you that you NEED to have a Facebook Fan page.  That may be true, but I caution you to make sure you have some basic marketing pieces in place before you make a move.

The goal of your Fan page is to show everyone how stellar your product or service is, right?  So you need to know what kind of content you are going to put on your page.  Is it tips or tricks? Is it discounts or coupons? etc.  When someone clicks to read your tip or trick or get your discount or coupon and they are sent to your website, what page are they landing on?  There needs to be a logical connection between what they click and where they end up.  So if you post 5 tips on how to eat healthier on your Fan page, you need to make sure that they click through to a page on your website with those tips listed.  That page needs to be user-friendly and have a strong call-to-action.

It’s important to understnad whether the Fan page makes sense for your business and how it fits into your social media strategy.  Remember that Facebook is just a tool, just like Twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc.  Therefore, not only does your content need to be compelling, but it needs to fit the style of whatever tools you choose to use.

Speaking of compelling content, who is going to maintain the page?  Yes it is free, but that doesn’t mean that there are not time costs associated with using it.  Are you getting enough business in return for the time spent maintaining it?

We will be talking more about the importance of a website as a homebase and the necessity for a social media strategy in upcoming posts.  Does this make you think twice?  Do you have a page and if so, how do you maintain it?  Let us know!

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