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7 simple questions about your website

You’re a wellness practitioner, so you know that it is healthy to ask questions.  Well, I am asking you to ask yourself these questions about your website and then answer them – honestly. Remember, this is a huge part of your business. This is a way for you to facilitate two-way communication between you and your community. Most businesses are so used to the look and feel of their website that they can’t actually see it for what it is. So, take a step back, ask for opinions from others, and look at your site as if it was your first time going there. Sit with it. Think about it. Be brutally honest. Make changes. You will thank yourself in the morning.

OK, here goes:

  1. Does it have a good user interface? Meaning, is your site user friendly and easy to navigate?  Is it simple, really, really simple to find what I am looking for?
  2. Do you have a CLEAR call-to-action? When a user finds your site have them do something – sign up for a newsletter, register for a contest, subscribe to the RSS feed, free recipe, free consultation.  It can be anything, but make sure it is simple and that it allows you the opportunity to interact with them in the future.
  3. Does your site say what you want it to say? Often times business owners will get so involved in designing the site that they forget to communicate EXACTLY what they do.  Also make sure to detail the benefits for the user otherwise how will they know how fantastic their life will be after they work with you?!
  4. Is it search engine friendly? Are your title tags in place and optimized?  Have you included a meta description and keywords?  Do all of your photos have alt tags?  How strong is your content and how relevant is it versus what you claim your site to be about?  Search engines are smart.  Don’t try to fool them.  All of this can be tricky that’s why we use the best WordPress theme available – Thesis .  Thesis and WordPress hold your hand to make sure you get this right.
  5. How many inbound and outbound links do you have? On the web links are currency.  Links to your site gives you credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about.  Links out of your site show search engines that you care about the user.  You care so much that you know that there is better information on another site and you are OK with sending that user away – to insure a positive experience. (Little trick – go to and type in link: to see who is linking to your site)
  6. Do you have a sitemap? Sitemaps allow all of the pages on your site to be indexed by the search engine “spiders”(trust me, you want these spiders on your site and often!) More on sitemaps.
  7. Does it have a professional look to it? Just as important as dressing in a way that commands respect, so too is the “dressing” or design of your site.  Will your potential clients be impressed when they come to the site or does it look like your neighbor threw it together one Saturday afternoon?

The bottom line here is that you want your site to be astounding because if it isn’t there are plenty of other places that users can go.  So do it right and have people fall in love with your site!

What do you think?  What are your questions or concerns?

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